Roll Rewinding & Inspecting Machine
REF-Wide Roll Rewinding Machine
  • Plastic laminated film 40-150μ.
Unwinding / Rewinding Section
  • Shaftless type unwinding stand with φ3" adapters.
  • Equipped with digital type line position control (LPC) to provide accurate film positioning for unwinding.
Inspecting Section
  • Equipped with inspecting acrylic board and fluorescent lamps, making inspecting easier.
  • Reversible running.
  • Synchronize stroboscope with photo sensor.
Optional Accessories
  • Splicing table with suction device
  • Inspecting camera with monitor
Model No. REF-Wide Roll
Max. Parent Web Width 1000 / 1300 mm
Max. Parent Web Diameter 800 mm
Unwind / Rewind Core I.D. 3" or 6"
Max. Machine Speed 200 M/min. / 300 M/min.