Slitting Machine
Heat-Sealing & Slitting Machine
Application & Materials
  • Heat-sealable PP、BHDPE、BLDPE、BLLDPE tubes (for heat-sealing) or regular plastic films (for slitting).
Rewinding Type
  • Differential center rewinding with duplex rewind-shafts.
Unwinding Section
  • Equipped with swing-out/lift-up compatible type mechanical shaft with φ3" adapters.
  • Equipped with edge position control (EPC) to provide accurate slitting position.
Unwinding Tension Control
  • Equipped with automatic tension controller (diameter-calculating type) to provide stable tension and easy operation.
Slitting Section
  • Pneumatic controlled heating knife with automatic temperature controller ensure consistent sealing quality during high speed running.
  • Equipped with razor-cutters, so that this machine can be used as a slitting machine.
  • Static eliminating device equipped.
  • Equipped with automatic counter which will stop the machine when reaching the pre-set length.
Rewinding Section
  • Swing-out type rewind stands for easy operation.
  • Equipped with 3" bakelite collars for irregular thickness material
  • Equipped with banana roller for film expanding.
  • Equipped with lay-on rollers.
Rewinding Tension Control
  • Manual tension control.
  • The rewind tension results from double friction of bakelite collars and powder clutches, which can make the tension of each roll regular.
Trimmed Waste
  • Equipped with expulsion tube.
Optional Accessories
  • Unwind hydraulic loading device (with shaft)
  • Unwinding airshaft φ3"/6"
  • φ6" airchuck
  • Shaftless unwind stand(Electrical left/right moving)
  • Line position control (LPC)
  • Unwind/rewind automatic tension controller with load-cell
  • Trim rewinder with speed synchronizing system
  • Heat-sealing cutter
  • razor blade/cutter holder
  • Unloading device
Model No. SLF-HS100
Max. parent web width 1000 mm
Max. parent web diameter 600 mm
Thickness rang 15~120 μ ( Depends on various materials' conditions )
Max. rewind diameter 400 mm
Min. slit width 50 mm ( Depends on various materials' conditions )
Unwind/rewind core I.D. 3" ( Or as request )
Max. machine speed 200 M/min.
Installation information
(For 1000mm standard machine)
Net weight 2800kg
Area required L 1390 x W2350 x H1410 (mm)
Power As request
Air 6kg/cm 3