Reel to Pouch Sealing and Cutting Machine
  • Servo motor and driver, to increase the speed of machine, and provide accurate bag length control.
  • Triple sealing and one cooling device ensure the sealing of the bags.
  • ASCV-N40S can seal & cut the tube made by ACSV-P40, or operate as a cutting machine.
Model No. ACSV-N40S
Max. Bag Width 400 mm
Max. Bag Length 400 mm
Max. Unwinding Diameter 800 mm
Max. Machine Speed 180 Cuts / min.
Installation Information
(For Standard Specification)
Net Weight 1800 kg
Area Required L7336 x W4190 x H1121 (mm)
Power 380V / 6.8KW / 8A
Water 15 - 20 ℃
Air 6 kg / cm3