Slitting Machine
Robust & Versatile, the wise choice slitter
  • LLDPE or HDPE 40-150μ; PE, OPP, CPP or PVC 30-150μ; PET 12-150μ; BOPP 25-150μ; Metalised film 20-70μ; Laminated films 40-200μ; Paper 60-210gsm; Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
Unwinding Section
  • Unwinding-stand with shaftless hydraulic loading clamps.
  • Equipped with digital type line position control (LPC) to ensure accurate slitting position.
Slitting Section
  • Equipped with razor cutter.
  • Equipped with blower, expulsion tube.
Rewinding Section
  • Horizontal moveable rewinding stand.
  • Static eliminating device.
  • Pneumatic control for lay-on roller provides steadier rewinding tension.
  • Rewind stand with open arm system makes unloading easier.
  • Equipped with ball type friction rings, which not only can raise the concentricity of the paper cores and finish rolls, but also can make unloading easier without causing paper dust.
  • Individual tension detectors for two rewinding sections provide accurate and steady tension control.
  • Equipped with taper tension control, providing superior rewind-tension for thin films whose thickness are under 15μ.
Model No. SLF-MB130L
parent web weight 900 kg
applicable material LLDPE;HDPE 40-150μ,PE;OPP;CPP;PVC 30-150μ; PET 12-150μ, BOPP 25-150 μ, Metalised film 20-70μ, Laminated films 40-200μ, Paper 60-210 gsm, Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric
Min. & Max. parent web width 650~1300 mm
Max. parent web diameter 1000 mm
Unwind / rewind core I.D. 3" or 6"
Max. rewind diameter 600 mm
Min. & Max. slit width 50~650 mm (Depends on various materials' conditions)
Max. machine speed 500 M/min.
machine color White

Gravure and flexographic printing

Digital printing