Spout Inserting & Sealing Machine
Semi Automatic Spout Inserting machine
Application & Materials
  • Laminated material with appropriate stiffness100 - 120u.
Control Section
  • PLC control system.
  • Touch screen with control panel.
  • Automatic temperature control system.
  • Constant sealing time control system.
  • Pouch counter manager.
Feeding Section
  • Automatic spout feeding system with vibrating feeder.
  • Out of spout alarm system.
  • Automatic pouch feeding system with suction pad pick up device.
  • Out of pouch alarm system.
Sealing Section
  • Pneumatic controlled spout-sealing station.
  • Pneumatic controlled spout-cooling station.
Model No. SASI Series
Bag Width A: 140 ~ 250 mm
Bag Length B: 200 ~ 300 mm
Machine Speed 12 - 15 pouch/min.
Machine Size L 1700 x W 2700 x H 2000 mm
*The working speed depends on the material condition and bag size.
*Due to machine development, above information may change without notice.